The Burrays Group

Specialist Dutch to English translators

We are a team of four full-time agency translators having enjoyed high-level education in our fields of expertise. Combined with many years of practical experience, we produce high-calibre translations at a level which is unique in the business. We work in accordance with a number of basic principles to distinguish ourselves from other freelance translators:

  • Delivery of a high-quality proofread end-product
  • Delivery on time (without fail)
  • E-mail response within 15 minutes
  • Telephone answered (no answer machine)
  • Invoicing on a monthly basis
  • Fixed word price without surcharges
  • Specialisation within a single language combination

Our objective is to translate assignments for returning end-users and expanding this database through the agencies. We have been partners with small and large agencies in the Netherlands and the UK for many years and are able to provide references.

We are members of the American Translators Association. Our association membership of the American Translators Association endeavours adherence to a strict code of conduct, promoting the very highest standards and guaranteeing maximum professionalism.